ArtFarm is a place for creative minds & talents of all ages - offering a variety of classes, visionary events and a stellar gallery space. 

Welcome to ArtFarm, a classroom, retail & event space now located in the Design District of Annapolis at 111 Chinquapin Round Rd (Suite 200)

ArtFarm began in 2012 when Stacey Turner (formerly of Already Artists kids studio) and Alison Harbaugh (of Sugar Farm Productions)  joined forces to change the art scape of Annapolis.  Since then, Stacey has climbed to new heights and after 14 years of teaching the "best art classes ever" she is moving on to pursue her own art form, painting.

Darin Gilliam, an art force of her own joined together with Alison in Fall of 2017 to expand the idea of ArtFarm. Darin will be occupying the front half of the space with her curated retail shop and Alison will continue to run the classroom side of the space. Together they host many innovative gallery, music and art events. 

The sky is the limit with ArtFarm and we hope that you will join us in helping it grow into a community that advocates for the arts and fosters creative expression of all kinds in Annapolis.

Feel free to email us anytime to ask questions or suggest an event, class, or to exhibit your work.


In the News

Article in the Annapolis Capital Newspaper (August 2018)

Featured in Explorer Annapolis (July 2018)

Video done by Nina Bena



About Alison Harbaugh

Owner of Sugar Farm Productions, a photographer and video production company in Annapolis, Maryland, Alison had always wanted to create a space where artists would gather, share ideas, create and learn together. She's been involved with the community as a instructor with Vision Workshops and serves on the board of the Inner West St. Association, booking the music for many of the West Street events.

She began her photography career after obtaining her degree in Graphic Design from Philadelphia University and moving to Annapolis to work for The United States Naval Academy Athletic Association and The Baltimore Ravens as an assistant sports photographer. Two years later, she became a photojournalist at the Annapolis Capital newspaper where she realized her passion for storytelling which has been her focus and the heart of what she does since setting off on her own in 2007.

Beyond having her Sugar Farm Productions office located within the space, she continues to offer her photography workshops and has been actively growing her Fearless Photographer workshops that focus on empowering young girls to take responsibility for their message, create their artistic vision and "Own Their Image". You can find out more about the Fearless Workshops here



About Darin Gilliam

Native Annapolitan, Darin Gilliam (also known as Darin Michelle), graduated with a B.A. in Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, New Jersey. She has worked professionally as an independent Graphic Designer for 10+ years. In an effort to create her own creative lane, Darin established 19FIFTYTHREE, a design company and boutique. When she is not designing or working alongside Alison at ArtFarm, Darin can be found serving as Creative Director at Symmetry Agency - also located in the Annapolis Arts District. 

Keep up with Darin and what keeps her inspired on her blog