ArtFarm Annapolis classes and events

ArtFarm Annapolis is the place to be for creative minds and talents of all ages, offering a variety of classes, visionary events and a stellar gallery space. 

Welcome to ArtFarm, a classroom, gallery & event space located on the first block of West Street, also known as Gallery Row.
ArtFarm is the place to be for creative minds & talents of all ages, offering a variety of class, visionary events and a stellar gallery space. 

ArtFarm is the vision of Stacey Tuner and Alison Harbaugh who have joined forces to change the art scape of Annapolis. After many years of friendship and working together, and many discussions over glasses of wine, they realized that they had so many ideas to share and ArtFarm was born.

Stacey Turner
From the day she was born Stacey always knew she had only one calling & that was to be an artist. No career day angst in her developmental years. Although the words "starving" & "struggling" were commonly associated with her chosen profession, she was undeterred. She spent her youth taking any & every art class available & spending all her free time drawing, painting & dreaming.

Prior to coming to Annapolis, Stacey graduated from The Art Institute of Philadelphia, and, with degree in hand, struck out to get her first bartending job. She spent many years freelancing as a graphic artist & painting for herself, while the tips kept the electricity from being turned off.  Moving to Annapolis in 2001 gave her the opportunity to open up her first art studio where she began to share her lifelong love of art & her artistic views (of which there are many) with the children of Annapolis. In spite of her right-brained propensities, her business thrived & her customer base grew. After 10 successful years on Maryland Avenue as Already Artists Studio, she closed her doors to take the next step in her artistic evolution - to spend more time concentrating on her personal work & to find the means to share, with a wider audience, her philosophy & experience using art as a method of meaningful communication.

Alison Harbaugh
Owner of Sugar Farm Productions in Annapolis, Maryland, Alison has always had a dream of creating a space where artists could gather, share ideas, create and learn together. She's been involved with the community as a instructor with Vision Workshops, which led her to teach her own photography workshops around the Annapolis area. 

She began her career after obtaining her degree in Graphic Design Communications from Philadelphia University. Knowing that she couldn't sit still behind a desk, she quickly put the wheels in motion to find a photography job, which she found at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD as the assistant sports photographer. Two years later, she became a photojournalist at the Annapolis Capital newspaper where she realized her passion for storytelling which has been her focus and the heart of what she does since setting off on her own in 2007.

Beyond having her Sugar Farm Productions office located within the space, she will continue to offer her photography workshops and has been actively growing her Fearless Photographer workshops that focus on empowering young girls to take responsibility for their message, create their artistic vision and "own their image". You can find out more about the Fearless Workshops here.

The sky is the limit with ArtFarm and we hope that you will join us in helping it grow into a community that advocates for the arts and fosters creative expression of all kinds in Annapolis.

Feel free to email us anytime to ask questions or suggest an event, class, or to exhibit your work.