Art Birthday Party:
$350 (price for up to 12 children)

Kids Arrive/Introductions and a quick talk about the space -10 minutes

Art Lesson and Art Project (a 11x14 canvas painting for each kid) - 1-1.5  hour with one of our instructors

Clean Up/Wash Hands -

Cupcakes/Presents while painting dries (30 min)

*We can also play music for the kids while they are painting/eating cupcakes*


Our guidelines for the space: You will have use of our classroom space for up to 2 hours.

  • ArtFarm will supply the party with seating for up to 12 kids, professional art instruction, (1) 11x14” canvas per child, paint, brushes & smocks to use during the party

  • No party decorations will be hung in our front windows. Any decorations hung to the walls of the studio area will have to be easily removable and not leave any holes or marks in the walls

  • No furniture can be rearranged or moved without prior approval or assistance from ArtFarm staff

  • ArtFarm staff will happily assist in the cleanup, but please make sure all food items and crumbs are cleaned up adequately and bagged up for trash.


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