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Field Note No. 1: Rufino Tamayo

This is the debut edition of our newest feature, Field Notes, where we will share the seeds of thought that grow into our teaching methods & studio practices.

In class, we endevour to inspire our students in the same way that we ourselves become inspired. I mean, Elsa from Frozen may get the 8 & Unders going but, I'd find it petty darn hard to get too geared up about her myself (most days). The end result is that these young ArtFarmers get a weekly glimpse at art & artists that have not been homogenized like elevator music (& we all know how inspiring elevator music can be).

This week, our classes are going to get an introduction in the use of acrylic paint inspired by the Mexican painter, printmaker & sculptor, Rufino Tamayo. With Day of the Dead looming & Mexico on the mind, Tamayo seemed a refreshing change from the usual suspects when it comes to Mexican artists. What was most appealing about Señor Tamayo, besides his grasp of color & texture, was his fierce willfulness. Unliked by the "three great ones", Orozco, Rivera & Siqueiros, the famous muralists, for his "elitist" easel painting, Tamayo held his ground. Much of the official artistic policy of that time was shaped by the Mexican Revolution, where art was considered to be public possession & should serve revolutionary ideals. Siqueiros was even quoted as saying, "Ours is the only path", to which Tamayo's reply was "Can you believe that, to say ours is the only path when the fundamental thing in art is freedom!" 

We at ArtFarm, believe, like Rufino Tamayo, that "In art there are millions of paths– as many paths as there are artists."