Children's Art Classes: 
Ages 7-16: 8 Weekdays - (Fall, Winter, Spring)
Ages 2-6: Drop-in on Saturday mornings (10:30-11:15a) (Registration Required)

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Summer Art Camps

Taught by a variety of teachers - Erin Schweers, Alison Harbaugh, Alicia Gauger, Anita Hagan, James Point du Jour, Susan Mayberry, Reed Gallant, Alexis Ring
(See class descriptions for each session)

At ArtFarm we believe that while we are teaching art - a little history, technique, various media- we are more importantly protecting & nurturing the inherent vision of each individual student, no matter the age. Just as so many of the greats that came before, it is not just the way you learn to see, move the brush, or the palette you choose that sets your work apart & makes your art meaningful. It is the artist's individuality & the strength of his or her conviction that can transform any work from a mere project into a masterpiece.

We give our students of all ages an introduction to different types of materials so each may be exposed to the limitless possibilities that creating can offer. Tailoring each class to the particular age-range, skill level & attention span of the group,  we begin with a short presentation about an artist & their work. This will generally include pictures & some appropriate biographical information. Our emphasis is on the distinctive style of each artist & their visionary contribution to the overall world of art. So, as the students try their hand at Abstract Expressionism like Jackson Pollock or Fauvism like Henri Matisse, they may choose to add something that feels meaningful or edit out something that feels meaningless, to transform the work into something altogether new & truly their own. At times our focus may instead be on an event such as Day of the Dead or Mother's Day & we will introduce projects & artists that tie into that specific topic. Some projects may be based on current happenings such as the famous art theft of the Musée d' Art Moderne in 2010 or the discovery of a treasure trove of long lost art found in a Long Island garage in 2007 (appraised in 2013). Inspiration can come from anywhere, in both creating art & teaching art, but the underlying message is that no one creates your artwork, tells your story or portrays your point of view better than you. Our art classes are here to assist the artist in finding better & more sophisticated ways, or even ways they have never considered, to convey their message & communicate their views to the world. This is true for artists of all ages. The messages may vary but the importance of the work is always the same.

Oh, & we have loads of fun too.

At the end of each regular session, we reward our students' hard work with a Gala Gallery Opening where their finals pieces are put on display so their ideas may be respectfully, visually communicated. Then our mission is complete & the artist & the audience have had that conversation that requires no words but says so much.

Thank you for visiting our site & reading about our philosophy. We hope to see you at ArtFarm.