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Fall Cartooning with James Point Du Jour Sept. 21st-Nov. 9th (ages 11-15)


Fall Cartooning with James Point Du Jour Sept. 21st-Nov. 9th (ages 11-15)


Cartooning with James Point Du Jour
For ages 11-15

September 21st-November 9th
Every Thursday from 4:30-6pm

All lessons will focus on economy of line, writing concise dialogue and clear layout. 

Week 1: How to keep a sketchbook; Playing with line and shape; Streamlining your sentences; Single panel comics.
Week 2: Developing characters; Managing the stage; Story set-ups and resolutions; Wordless 4-panel strips
Week 3: Layout and how to maximize panels; Passage of time; Character moments; Full-page comic
Week 4: American and Japanese comic techniques. (Motion, character traits, etc.); Playing with minicomics; Begin discussing short story final project.
Week 5: Finalize minicomics; Begin work for short story: Character design, setting, style, genre, and how to communicate all that to an audience.
Week 6: Guest speaker. Short story workshop.
Week 7: Short story workshop
Week 8: Final reviews

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James has been cartooning since the first grade, where he would draw knock-off Looney Tunes comics for his friends. A little more recently he created the syndicated comic strip Ellington Way for United Media and worked on the animated series Little Bill for Nickelodeon. Currently, he works as a graphic designer, draws the pet webcomic Sodapop, and illustrates children’s books. (He’s also learning to play the mandolin, but that’s a tale for another bio.)

James’s work can be seen at and Go take a look!