Consignment Agreement

Thank your partnership with ArtFarm Annapolis and 19FIFTYTHREE (19FT). Please see the details of your consignment agreement below:

ArtFarm Annapolis is a creative and retail space located at 45 West St., Annapolis, MD 21401, within the Annapolis Arts District. 19FIFTYTHREE is brand and company that oversees the bringing in of all merchandise sold inside of ArtFarm Annapolis.

19FIFTYTHREE is responsible for choosing what Consignors sell their art and/or goods in ArtFarm Annapolis. 19FT is also responsible for the display of these pieces, the sales, and follow up of sales reports with consignors.


As a Consignor, you agree to:

  • Deliver your merchandise (by hand or mail) to ArtFarm Annapolis at 45 West St., Annapolis, MD 21401

  • Have each item properly marked with retail pricing

  • Provide an inventory sheet with each item, item description (if applicable), quantity of item you are providing, and retail pricing


Merchandise Carry Time + Payment: 

  • The Consignee (ArtFarm Annapolis / 19FT) shall carry the Consignors merchandise for up to 2 months

  • 40% of each sale goes to ArtFarm Annapolis / 19FT

  • 60% of each sale goes to the Consignor

  • The Consignor will receive payment for their items sold by the 15th and last day of every month

  • All items not sold shall be returned to the Consignor

  • Plans to continue to carry pieces or update to carry new pieces will be discussed before the end of each month

  • Payments can be received by either mail, PayPal, or Square

  • All payments will be made directly to the Consignor and received from 19FIFTYTHREE


Point of Contact: 

Your main point of contact for all business between the Consignee and Consignor will be Darin Gilliam. The best way to reach her directly is at

By filling out the form below, you have full read, comprehend, and agree to the terms above. This will count as your electronic signature:

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