Spend more time making

We're here to support you so you can spend more time creating. Renting a retail space is expensive ($1200+ in Annapolis) and lugging around your wares to festivals can be time consuming and tiring. We’ll assist you on the selling so you can spend more time on the making. Who doesn’t love that?


Giving creative business owners support promoting their businesses, as well as more time to spend creating.

Our Creative Business Residency

At ArtFarm, our main passion is to see artists in our community grow and flourish. Through classes, workshops, and events, we have had the privilege of being a part of a narrative where individuals find their own voice - extending their skills and showing off their craft. Noticing a need for the support of small, creative businesses, we are introducing a new program this Spring - our Creative Business Residency.

A Shared space for makers and artists

In the Fall of 2017, Darin Gilliam joined ArtFarm as a partner in the creative space. Her goal was to create a shared space for makers and artists to show and sell their goods within our prime location in the Annapolis Arts District. In the 6 months that Darin has been a part of ArtFarm, she has consistently seen the need for small, creative businesses to not only have space, but proper support to run and grow their small businesses.

Our goal is to create a real life crash course that assists you and your brand  after your product or art is created. We are here to mentor you in the process of branding, marketing, selling, and budgeting, your creative goods. Our three and four month creative business residencies will create an opportunity for you and your brand to be seen and shared with our local community.


Our 2018 program year starts with a four month residency:





$1,500 total investment


Each residency will provide you and your brand with:

  • Premier location in Downtown Annapolis / Annapolis Arts District
  • Retail space during festival season (including First Sunday Arts Festival and Dinner Under the Stars -  located in front our our creative space)

  • Dedicated retail area within space (choice of either a clothing rack area or shelving)

  • Rotating window display throughout your residency

  • Dedicated staff to sell your merchandise

  • Branded info about your brand, handed out with every purchase

  • Monthly brand consulting about marketing and design

  • One trunk show to promote brand and products

  • Opening reception introducing new residency

  • Full business profile on our website.



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If you don't have a website where your products can be seen, please make sure to send photos of them to darin@darinmichell.com - Thank you!