MAKE IT: Wood Burning Workshop
6:00 PM18:00

MAKE IT: Wood Burning Workshop

Kory Johnson will teach the techniques of pyrography, the art of drawing with fire. Applying the drawing techniques of pointillism and cross-hatching with the use pyrography pen, you will learn the basics of creating a range of tones and shadowing burning your artwork into wood. Will be using a variety of pyrography tips for textures, creating landscapes and skylines. Finalizing your work with a clear gloss to bring out the warm tone of freshly charred wood. Summer is around the corner! Hiking, campfires, the beauty of nature; start the season off with creating your own handcrafted wood burning!

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Mother-Daughter Photography Portrait Workshop
10:00 AM10:00

Mother-Daughter Photography Portrait Workshop

Ages 8 - 13 yrs (Adult Participation Required)

**DSLR camera recommended** 
***price is for mother & 1 daughter to attend***

All levels are welcome! Ages 8-13 for the daughters! 
Cost includes lunch. When signing up make sure to sign up the child and list your name as the parent.

Be Fearless in front of and behind the camera! 
Taught by Fearless Girls founder Alison Harbaugh and Professional Portrait Photographer, Joanna Tillman.

This workshop is a perfect way to bond with each other, become more comfortable with who you are behind and in front of the camera, learn photography tips and tricks for taking and making beautiful portraits and spend an afternoon having fun together!

We will start the day with a basics of photography breakdown by Alison so that you are comfortable with using your camera. Learn a little about aperture and shutter speed and how to use it to make beautiful portraits. Then we will break for a catered lunch! Next Joanna will walk you thorough different poses and how to be more comfortable in front of the camera and how to work with your subject from behind the camera. The rest of the workshop will be time to play and experiment with portraiture! Mothers & daughters will photograph each other at different lighting stations and then the pairs will be photographed together by another m/d duo so that you leave with a lots of great images to print at home and have lasting memories.


• Signup just your daughter and you will be included on the registration.

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WORKSHOP: Adult Intro to Improv
to Jun 5

WORKSHOP: Adult Intro to Improv

6 Classes; Every Wednesday 7:30-9:30pm

Learn the fundamentals of Improv Comedy through Yes-And, Object Work, Characters, Emotions and Scene Games in a fun, fast-paced, six-week improv boot camp that provides positive challenges and tons of laughs! Improv is excellent for personal development, thinking on your feet, creative brainstorming, team building, and overcoming anxiety. Find out more:

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WORKSHOP: Ukrainian Easter Eggs
1:00 PM13:00

WORKSHOP: Ukrainian Easter Eggs

Creating a New World Vision From Ancient Design 

(Supplies included in registration)

Considered by many to be a "sacred magical art", the creation of a talisman with specific intentions written into the life-giving egg, the Pysanky is an ancient means to celebrate the cycles and events in nature and in life. Created using motifs rooted in nature and the cycles of life, designs are made with simple instruments (made of wood and copper) called kistkas, the humble materials of beeswax and candlelight, and intensely vibrant dyes.

Create a beautiful egg in the time-honored Ukrainian tradition of Pysanky, or create a symbolic piece of art to invoke a new world vision. This workshop will explore the art in a free form, using symbolism that tells a specific story and holds a deliberate intention. 

Instructor Coreen Weilminster has been making Pysanky for over 30 years.

Participants must bring an empty egg carton to transport their piece home safely.

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Mixed Media Art: Ages 8-11
to May 15

Mixed Media Art: Ages 8-11

2D Mixed Media

(Almost) anything goes in this class! We’ll mix it up with paint, printmaking, and drawing techniques, with some stitching and collage thrown in. Mixed media is full of possibilities. Students should come prepared to stretch their creativity! 

Amy is a mother of three with a passion to inspire creativity and confidence in artists of all ages—and she believes we are all artists. She’s facilitated art experiences in homeschool co-ops and after-school enrichment programs, spent several years as the art columnist for Home/School/Life Magazine, and has had textile art included in area shows. She’s super excited to be a part of Art Farm.

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Sketchbooking: Ages 11-15
to May 13

Sketchbooking: Ages 11-15

Drawing from observation including people, architecture and lettering.

Local artist Lindsay Bolin brings her love of visual journalism to the studio and will be working alongside the students to create in their personal sketchbooks. Short walks around the area for observation and inspiration as well as experience with different mediums will take sketchbooking to the next level and create a daily practice for the students. ArtFarm will provide a brand new sketchbook for each student!

Mondays, 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Apr 8, 2019 - May 13, 2019

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Midnight Madness Market 1
4:00 PM16:00

Midnight Madness Market 1

Join us for Midnight Madness

Batch Jam & Jellies Tasting
Snack Table
Rose´ Station

Ltd Creations - clothing
Graystone Jewelry
Sweet Home Silk - home goods
Divine Planet - jewelry
Perrodime - art 
+ our curated shop

Bring your friends and good energy!

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8:00 PM20:00

Naptown Nudey Night

A two hour event where people gather to draw, paint and sculpt. We'll provide the model,  tunes & refreshments. We'll have some basic supplies for you to use, but please bring your own sketchbook or canvas and any favorite supplies you'd like to use. 

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