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Host an art workshop at artfarm

Our new open space is the perfect spot to create!

Art Workshops at ArtFarm: 6 person minimum signup required to run the class

You will:

-Rent the space on a sliding scale (rental fee taken out of income from workshop)

  • 6-9 students:  $60/hr rental

  • 10-12 students:  $75/hr rental

  • 13-15:  $100/hr rental

  • 15+:  $150/hr rental

-Set your per person price for the workshop 

-Send us photos and information for posting and sharing your workshop

-Provide all supplies and any snacks or sips for the attendees*

-Create a facebook event and invite us as an admin. so we can share it with our folks!

-post the event on The Capital & What’s Up Magazine event pages (other options: Bay Weekly, Chesapeake Family)

*Some supplies we have here such as serving trays, water, easels, brushes, etc can be used at no extra cost

ArtFarm will:

-provide you with a workshop space (includes two large tables and seating for 10 adults) Let us know if you need more seating or tables!

-Use of kitchen (sink, refrigerator, microwave)

-Access to Wifi

-host it on our website and manage registration

-help you in planning the perfect workshop based on our past experience of hosting art workshops and classes

-collect all money through registration, take out the rental fee and any other fees and cut you a check for the income after the class 

-share the event with our network: newsletter, instagram & facebook

-Projector available for $25 rental fee. 

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