Improv & Clown School

We've partnered with Reflex Improv and The Clown School to bring you unique workshops for all levels.

Go to the Reflex Improv website to sign up for their current workshops or ask any questions. 

For The Clown School workshops, check out what’s currently being offered here.



Anyone Can Learn Improv

You don't need to be a natural comedian. Just say the words 'Yes' & 'And' and you will be able to carry an improv scene. From this simple Yes-And foundation, great scenes will emerge. Our training will have you creating hilarious, successful scenes in the very first class!

Improv Helps at Work

'Yes-And' can also be applied to the workplace for team building, collaboration, and creativity. Top corporations integrate improv into their training and development programs. We can help your organization discover these principles.

Improv Helps with Life

You will meet new people, ease anxiety, and relieve stress after a long day of work. Improv classes are often referred to as 'Recess for Adults', 'Yoga for the Mind', and 'Cheaper than Therapy'. You will also laugh often during every class!


The clown is a natural part of everyone’s life, but one that has often been overlooked or pushed down. Mike Funt’s Clown Classes allow your clown to burst out of you, to give license to your spontaneous, fearless, and playful self.

We explore performance methods that are ancient and modern at once. We pay tribute to everything from indigenous clown rituals to the Commedia dell’Arte to the great era of the silent film comedians to the clown’s modern-day renaissance on stage, in film, and at the circus. The clown is an iconic figure, and it lives inside your body: silly, profound, and eternally mischievous.

Let go of your fears. Have some fun. Come and play with us!

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