Children's Art Classes: Ages 6-16
8 Weekdays - (Fall, Winter, Spring)

Summer Art Camps - June-July-August
Weeklong Camps M-F (9am-3pm)

Our Teaching Philosophy:

-We don’t dumb it down, we believe our students are here to learn how to use their talents and find their style and we treat them as individuals and artists
-We encourage individual thought
-We talk about current and past events in art and the world around us
-We teach students of all ages to respect themselves, the work they do and be proud of the process
-We teach students to be original and find their own voice
-We encourage conversation about art, current events and incorporate critiques into our classes
-We teach our students to neutralize their ego when creating art and encourage collaboration on certain projects
-We encourage students to explore using different mediums and techniques
-We incorporate journaling, listening to music, short videos and other art forms to inspire, educate and get the kids thinking outside the box