Parking Made Easy
Free Parking  Garages

1) State Parking Garage (19 St. Johns Street) Free weekdays starting at 6pm and free all day Saturday and Sunday

2) Whitmore Parking Garage is free on Sundays until 4pm

3) Hillman, Gotts, Knighton and Park Place Parking Garages are free on Sundays until 1pm.


Free parking for City of Annapolis Residents for 2 hours at Hillman, Gotts, Knighton and Park Place Parking Garages. Visit 60 West Street and Park Place Parking Garage to get your free passes.


$2 Parking for all evenings at Whitmore Parking Garage starting at 4pm every day.


$5 evening parking after 8pm at Gott's Court Parking Garage


New Parking lot - The school board parking lot next to Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre is now open to the public in the evenings.


Day time rates in parking garages is cheaper the farther you park from City Dock i.e. Park Place, Knighton and Gotts Parking Garages. They all offer a free shuttle that runs along West Street, Duke of Gloucester and Main Street.