Photography Classes for All Ages!

Alison Harbaugh, of Sugar Farm Productions, will teach you all you need to know about how to properly use your camera without the AUTO setting so that you can create your own beautiful memories. Teens and adults welcome.

Go to the Fearless Photography page for info on preteen and teen camps and workshops.

Private Lessons:

2 Hour Private Lesson at your home- $225 (1 person). $325 (2 people) 
2 Hour Private Lesson at ArtFarm- $200 (1 person). $300 (2 people) 

Private PARTY:

Host a party with your friends (up to 8 people) 2 hour workshop style class & time to hang and sip at ArtFarm.
Wine and snacks provided. $600 (at ArtFarm)

Group Workshops: Sign up HERE
Held at ArtFarm, $75/person (limit of 10 people/class)

Beginner 101:  2 hour workshop
-Lens choices - the how and why you should purchase or use certain lenses
-Moving away from the Auto setting and into using the Aperture Setting (A or Av)
-How to use Exposure Compensation (+/-) to get closer to your desired exposure
-An understanding of what ISO is and how it can help you take better photos
-Focusing: Using autofocus effectively
-Plus there will be plenty of time to ask questions at the end of the class. 

Beginner 102: 2 hour workshop (Beginner 101 Class required) *please contact Alison if you are interested in taking this class*
-Shutter Speed Setting (S or Tv) learn to work with long exposures and low light for great effects
-Light: Natural Light & Flash tips and tricks
-Metering: Spot, Dynamic & Center. 
-Composition and making a great photography
-Plus there will be plenty of time to ask questions at the end of the class. 

What past clients are saying:

"Thanks to Alison I now have the confidence to go out and enjoy my camera and the photos that I will be taking. I can now take my camera out of auto mode and choose the right settings with assurance to get the better shot. Alison is an excellent tutor and I enjoyed the lesson immensely."

"Your teaching style was easy to understand and friendly, and I loved that you took the time to look at everyone's camera before class. The small class size was perfect and I felt like I got individual attention when I needed it. I FINALLY understand how to use the full manual setting (instead of AV or TV) and was able to get a GREAT shot of my daughter sleeping in her crib... in a very dimly-lit room!! I really enjoyed class and would recommend it to anyone with a dSLR that wants to learn how to use it to it's full potential!"

"As a sort of primer on DSLR photography, I think you did a splendid job. It was basic enough, and yet I came away having learned so much. I now am not as scared of experimenting, as I was before the class. Loved the informal environment you created, and your interactive teaching style. I think I will definitely be in touch with you again, as I begin to expand my photography horizons. Thanks a bunch!"

"Great workshop, especially for beginners with little knowledge of the technical aspects of using the DSLR camera. Alison's hands-on approach was so much easier to follow than reading the camera manual."

"I just wanted to say that you taught me more about my camera than a 6 week course I took at our community college. I found your style of teaching to be to the point and easy to understand. I think the other course tried to cover too much. You hit right on the stuff that I had questions about. So I wanted to thank you!"