Photography Foundations :  2 hour workshops


Have a digital camera you don't know how to use? Want to brush up on your photography skills? Join ArtFarm for "First Exposure," a two-part crash course on all things photography! In these sessions, we'll cover the foundation of photography, camera basics, composition tips, and editing fundamentals.
Classes will be held monthly. Individual class is $75 or save and sign up for both. (use the code “phototwo” when checking out for part 2 to save 10%)


Part One Includes:

- Understanding Your Camera

- Aperture & ISO

- Lenses; what's the difference and what do I need?

- Creating an Exposure

Part Two Includes:

- Exploring different kinds of Light

- Shutter Speed

- Composition

- Editing & Beyond

About the instructor: Kaitlyn McQuaid
Kaitlyn McQuaid is a photographer and recent transplant to Annapolis, MD. She studied Still Photography at Ithaca College and then went on to have a successful career as a food and beverage photographer in Chicago, IL. She has worked primarily with newspapers and magazines and has had her worked published locally and nationally. She has an affinity for finding vintage cameras and still enjoys shooting film.

“Advanced” Photography Workshops: student must have some knowledge of how their camera works. Monthly classes offered by Sheila Guevin (see schedule above)

Participants should bring their DSLR camera with a fully charged battery & memory card and the camera manual.  
Questions regarding this workshop can be directed to Sheila Guevin,

About the instructor:
Photographer Sheila White Guevin grew up in a small mill town in PA. She was the kind of kid who liked rocks and clothes with pockets. After graduating from Murray State University in Kentucky, she went on to be resident of KY, PA, CT, VA, NV, VA, TX, AL, HI, AL, CO, and VA again and in that order, before landing in MD in 2012.

Guevin is known as a fine art and avant-garde portrait photographer. She is a member of Maryland Federation of Art (, Arts Council of Anne Arundel County (, and Bay Country Artists Guild. She exhibits with all three in juried and non-juried shows.

Guevin exhibits with BWI Marshall Thurgood Airport, the Anne Arundel Medical Center, the Annapolis Maritime Museum, the gallery at What’s Up Annapolis magazine, the Circle Gallery in Annapolis,the Bay Country Guild gallery, and Artomatic . Her work is seen internationally in advertising and print magazines. A solo show of 20 pieces spent four months on exhibit at the Arundel Center in Annapolis by invitation of the County Executive's Office. Four pieces remain on exhibit in the County Executive's Foyer.
Guevin is a photography instructor at Anne Arundel Community College.

Photo Society Meetups: hosted by Sheila Guevin

We are an inclusive group of photographers from beginners to professionals.

Our emphasis is on the artistic approach to photography. We encourage experimental technique. Our focus is on fine art and an artistic approach to street photography, portrait, landscape, cityscape, urban exploration, and studio work.

Photo Society will sponsor group photography outings as well as provide exceptional hands on classes in a variety of subjects: portrait, fine art, light, light painting, studio lighting, Lightroom, exhibits, publication, and business.

Find out more:

tween/TEEN WORKSHOPS: for ages 10-15

CAMPS - for girls
Week-long camps offered each summer (July & August). 
Fearless Photography Camps and Workshops brings together teen girls to learn confidence & individuality through photography. We teach them to "own their image", meaning to own the person they are and the work that they create. Projects and activities range from photojournalism to more art driven pieces and writing in their journals. Teaching girls beginning as young as 10 years old, we are encouraging them to realize their strengths and develop an artistic skill that can act as a way to let their voices be heard in a very noisy tech-filled world. Follow us on Instagram @fearlessphotogirl

WORKSHOPS - for boys & girls
Upcoming Class/Workshops:

***We are always looking for new events and locations. Feel free to request that we photograph your event or business mission at our next workshop!

Past shoot locations:

Graffiti Warehouse-Baltimore
49 West Coffeehouse and Winebar
Lighthouse Bistro
Finart Studios and Gallery
Maryland Hall
Nextival Music Festival
Maryland Renaissance Festival
Annapolis Markethouse
Blk Ankr Printing
Rasa Juice Shop

Private Lessons:

Taught by Alison Harbaugh of Sugar Farm Productions.

2 Hour Private Lesson at your home- $225 (1 person). $325 (2 people) 
2 Hour Private Lesson at ArtFarm- $200 (1 person). $300 (2 people) 


Host a party with your friends (up to 8 people) 2 hour workshop style class & time to hang and sip at ArtFarm.
Wine and snacks provided. $600 (at ArtFarm) $700 (at your home)

What past clients are saying:

"Thanks to Alison I now have the confidence to go out and enjoy my camera and the photos that I will be taking. I can now take my camera out of auto mode and choose the right settings with assurance to get the better shot. Alison is an excellent tutor and I enjoyed the lesson immensely."

"Your teaching style was easy to understand and friendly, and I loved that you took the time to look at everyone's camera before class. The small class size was perfect and I felt like I got individual attention when I needed it. I FINALLY understand how to use the full manual setting (instead of AV or TV) and was able to get a GREAT shot of my daughter sleeping in her crib... in a very dimly-lit room!! I really enjoyed class and would recommend it to anyone with a dSLR that wants to learn how to use it to it's full potential!"

"As a sort of primer on DSLR photography, I think you did a splendid job. It was basic enough, and yet I came away having learned so much. I now am not as scared of experimenting, as I was before the class. Loved the informal environment you created, and your interactive teaching style. I think I will definitely be in touch with you again, as I begin to expand my photography horizons. Thanks a bunch!"

"Great workshop, especially for beginners with little knowledge of the technical aspects of using the DSLR camera. Alison's hands-on approach was so much easier to follow than reading the camera manual."

"I just wanted to say that you taught me more about my camera than a 6 week course I took at our community college. I found your style of teaching to be to the point and easy to understand. I think the other course tried to cover too much. You hit right on the stuff that I had questions about. So I wanted to thank you!"