Welcome to the 19FIFTYTHREE Creative Business Residency at ArtFarm Annapolis. This information packet will provide you with additional information about your upcoming residency with 19FIFTYTHREE and ArtFarm. Our mission is to provide each residency with a quality experience and opportunity to grow while creating community and awareness around their brands. We are so happy to support you and are looking forward to your time with us in Downtown Annapolis. 


Our Space

ArtFarm Annapolis is a place for creative minds and talents of all ages. We offer a variety of classes, workshops, events, as well as gallery and retail space. Our space is split into three areas. The Shop, The Classroom, and The Office. Your time in our residency will be mostly spent in our Shop area, which is located in the front our space, as soon as you walk through the door. 

Located near the Annapolis Arts District, we are a prime location for summer and holiday shoppers and festival season in Downtown Annapolis. From May to October, we are right in the middle of both Dinner Under the Stars and First Sunday Arts Festival. Outside of these events, we are also a dedicated space for weekly and monthly classes and events. Our additional partnership with Annapolis Arts Week (June 1-10) has also created a way for more traffic throughout the early summer months. 


Throughout the summer, we will be open:

Wednesday - Saturday: 12-8pm   /   Sundays - for special events and festivals

Monthly Residency Happenings

Individual brand consulting: Scheduled with each brand owner, here we will discuss ways and strategies to push your brand forward and what resources are needed to do so. We will work together to put in place an action plan towards these goals. 

Monthly residency happy hour: This is where you will get together with your fellow Residency members to get to know each other, chat about upcoming projects, possible collaborations, and just take time to breathe and relate to one another as creators and business owners. 

Monthly residency event or show: Each member will choose a month to host their own brand event or art show. This is where we combine our outreach list to create the best event possible. 

Staff Support

The ArtFarm staff is here to assist you throughout your Residency. Our dedicated shop and space team will be available at events and will run your sales for your brand during our opening hours. 

Darin Gilliam, Owner if 19FIFTYTHREE and partner in ArtFarm will be overseeing all sales, sales reps and event staffing. 

Payment & Fees

Each brand will pay $375/month for their residency. These cost will cover the program, resources, and staffing. 


  • June 12: $200 space deposit 
  • July 1: $175 remaining deposit 
  • August 1:  $375
  • September 1: $375
  • October 1: $375 

All payments can be made via online invoicing or by check to: 19FIFTYTHREE



ArtFarm / 19FIFTYTHREE will receive a commission of 20% of sales at each brand event and art show. This commission will directly fund the staffing and refreshments for the evening of your brand event. 



19FIFTYTHREE will be responsible for paying each brand their earned sales by the end of each month. This payment will come in by the 28th of each residency month. All payments are taken through Square Register. Square Register earns 2.75% on each transaction made - this amount will be subtracted for each of your brand transactions. You will receive the net earnings from these transactions. Along with your payment, you will receive a breakdown of all inventory sold via Google Doc. 

Brand needs:

To ensure that we do our best to represent you and tell your story during your checklist, please provide us with the following:

  • Short brand or artist bio 

  • Inventory listings

  • 2-3 photo to use on site


Space Setup

Your retail area will be curated with Darin Gilliam. She will work with you and your brand to figure out the best ways to set up your pieces and possibly pair them along with other brand or artist items. You all will set up a time to meet to chat about the setup and any pieces you may want to include in them (ex: jewelry stands, mannequin, etc.).

Let's Celebrate!

Residency Opening Reception 

July 1, First Sunday marks the beginning of our Residency and therefore, we shall celebrate! The First Sunday Arts Festival is held right in front of our space, on West. St. This festival runs from 10am to 5pm. We will have our reception from 4:00 to 6:00pm.  In past First Sunday event setups, we've seen good foot traffic from festival attendees, as well as people who we personally invite from our invite lists. 


Thank you for Joining our Residency.

I am beyond excited to get started with you all. You will add so much to our space and we are looking forward to adding to your brand.